Our Vision

The Clifton Family Church will create a thriving and unified community where each person's unique divinity is nurtured and honored, where every family contributes and is cared for, and where we are natural witnesses to True Parents.

Our Beliefs

Beliefs about GOD

God is our Heavenly Parent, the root of our existence, and the heart of a healthy family, community, nation and world. As our Heavenly Parent, God yearns to be a part of our everyday lives.

Beliefs about TRUE PARENTS

True Parents are the long awaited Second Coming of the New Testament. They are the greatest gifts that God gave to the world who come possessing a love that surpasses the countless parents that have come and gone. Thus, we believe that Sun Myung Moon and his wife, Hak Ja Han Moon, are the True Parents of humanity.

Beliefs about PEOPLE

People are the sons and daughters of our Heavenly Parent who was created to be embraced and loved. We were created to experience the joy with God as we grow to perfect ourselves in spirit, create ideal families through His Blessing, and build the kingdom of heaven on earth as if it was a work of art.

Beliefs about FAMILY

Family is the place where all relationships are harmonized through love. Through the Marriage Blessing, it creates a basis for our happiness.

Our Ministries

Meet the current ministries in our community!

  • Children Ministry

    The Children’s Ministry works together with parents and community to create an environment for children to inherit the teachings and traditions of God and True Parents through a joyful, playful, and interactive Sunday School programs.

  • Outreach Ministry

    The Outreach Ministry introduces the teachings and culture of True Parents through worship services, Divine Principle studies, and community activities.

  • Youth Ministry

    The Youth Ministry inspires the youth to be proud of their identity through exploring, sharing, and practicing their faith. It strives to create an environment based on the Unification Principles, which helps the youth build healthy relationships.

  • Young Adult Ministry

    Through the Young Unificationist Ministry (YUM), it strives to build a growing and exciting community for young adults that wants to build lasting relationships through God centered principles. Centered on regular worship services, the YUM community congregates to mutually empower one another to manifest the teachings of True Parents.

  • Blessed Family Ministry

    The purpose of the Blessed Family Ministry is to create a stimulating environment for our blessed families to connect to God and True Parents. We strive to equip blessed couples with the tools necessary to maintain and develop healthy marital relationships, as well as harmony within their families. We also serve our church community by developing and coordinating programs and events that enable our families to thrive.

  • The Clifton Family Church Council Ministry

    The council is comprised of 8 members who represent the church community. The members of the council act as a bridge between the community and the church. We hear and address concerns of the members; promote good stewardship over church finances; and work together with the pastor to cultivate and honor the tradition, and love of our True Parents, in our community.

Worship and Fellowship

One of God's greatest Blessings is that He never created us to be alone. Let's all worship together!

  • Sunday

    Sunday Service

    Summer Service Starts on Every Sunday at 10am

  • Wednesday

    YUM Service

    YUM Service
    (1st and 3rd Week every month)

  • Thursday

    Thursday Service

    7:30pm Service

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    February 11, 2018
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